Jumpstart LMS is a leading SaaS based Learning Management System for enterprises and academic learning

Jumpstart LMS provides an omni-channel learning platform to conduct wholesome training management activities across Online, Classrooms, Mobile and Virtual LIVE sessions from an integrated platform. Experience lightning fast onboarding at a fraction of the investment required for equivalent solutions.


Automate learning and grow your business to realize key benefits for your organization. We have packed Jumpstart LMS with a multitude of features.

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Saas Offering on Microsoft Azure
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SCORM/TinCan (XAPI) Compliant
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Customize your Company Brand
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40+ Languages including Arabic & Hebrew
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Free Android & iOS Learning Apps
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Integrated Polls, Surveys & Tests
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Integrated Video Platform
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Free Upgrades for the entire period

Omni Channel Learning

Deliver engaging, omni-channel and omnipresent learning experience across field training or video-conferencing. the only learning platform provides in-built capabilities for all training modes and the right tools to simplify training management across your organization.

In-built video conferencing platform for LIVE Learning

To make life simple and not dabble with multiple tools, Jumpstart LMS includes in-built video conference platform as part of the learning management system. Or the option to integrate with your choice of video conference tool too.

#1 Gamified Learning Platform

The gamification of learning motivates students with gaming elements in learning environments to maximize and inspire learners to learn more. Jumpstart LMS, comes with a powerful gamified rule engine and allows trainers and admins to inspire and reward learners to achieve more.
  • View real-time learning updates,
  • Keep learners inspired with Badges and Gamified points
  • Social learning Track URL based external trainings right from within the LMS.
  • SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant.
  • Configure webinar based learning modules.
  • Map Learning to Organizational Heirarchies

    Set up frameworks that best represent the structure of your organisation, or inherit them from your HR or Employee Master Systems. Learning can then be mapped to individual job roles or levels, departments, business units and learning groups.

    Bring meaningful insights to organizational learning patterns through our deep analytics

    Drive KPI reports or plot insightful trends in employee's learning patterns, with empowered analytics and reports. Jumpstart LMS provides wholesome reports and dashboards to bring great value to simplify learning strategy with practical data.

    Industry Solutions

    Jumpstart LMS can be used for the following industries.

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    Train Cadets & Marine Engineers in Shipping & Logistics

    Simplify training for new cadets and marine engineers joining the shipping industry with Jumpstart LMS' all-inclusive platform + content offerings. Further enhances certification and re-certifying across large fleets' requirements.

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    Compliance trainings and industry certifications

    Jumpstart LMS brings you in-built content and superior features to automate compliance management across your organization. With certification and expiry-management, you couldn't ask for anything more.

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    Competency Aligned Learning Paths

    At Jumpstart, we provide full services to sector your organizations into various competencies and competency levels. Aligned learning paths allow you to administer learning goals and track progresses for better organizational effectiveness.

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    Built to suit millenial learning modes

    Our user experience has been specially crafted with the millenial mindset. Provides personalized recommendations, our intuitive AI enabled LMS suggests the most relevant courses on a learning path.